2 Coconut Bowls And Spoons

    Coconut shell bowls and spoons is natural and it comes up with unique design. its Eco friendly.. it aids the beautification of the home, by adding glamour, with easy care.

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 NATURAL with unique design; The bowls and spoons are made of natural coconut shell

with unique design; The bowls and spoons are made of natural coconut shell

Eco friendly; Coconut shell, normally discarded and trashed gets a second value as bowls and spoon set.

Easy care; wash by hand with soap and sponge, allow it to completely dry if you are planning to store it. do not put your coco bowls in the  microwave or refrigerator.

Worth every penny;

Beautification, it can be used around the home as a natural plant  pot. pen holder,  parfait or ice cream bowls.

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  • 4H x 2.5W x 3L

  • 11.5 Pounds

  • 17 Quincy,M.A,Venon street
  • USA
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